What’s going on?

Make Monmouth is an inclusive space for folks of all kinds to come and create, build, and make alongside like-minded others, free of judgement or prejudice.

#MakeWithPRIDE is our way of showing that we believe our approach to creativity is something that extends from the physical space out into the wider community, so come along to our workshops and events learn how you can ensure your costume stands out!

Photo by 42 North

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash


Always wanted to look like Daft Punk as you sashay down the road?

Want that little bit of extra to make your costume stand out as you march?

Join our workshop and learn how you can make the most of EL Wire and LED’s to really make your outfit pop!


Let’s face it, there’s no point making a costume unless it’s going to be photographed!

Spend the day in the space designing and making your costumes along with other members of the community - who knows, you might even make new friends!

Photo by Ashly Araya on Unsplash


No matter where or how you’re taking action this PRIDE season, Make Monmouth want to help.

If you want us to run a course on a specific craft or technique that you think will help you make an impact, get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do.